The Purpose of Repetition

If something is cliché it mustn’t be true. I suspect that this statement is more ideological than factual, but regardless it’s an attitude that underpins my existence. I’m wary of cliché because I get bored of hearing the same sentiment over and over. The more something is said, the more likely it seems that everyone is missing some key nuance. Quick to judge, my brain is tantamount to the buzzer on British panel show, QI, that loudly warns you that what you’re saying is not just uninteresting, it’s wrong. The main argument against clichés is that when you repeat something…

How a couple of big hard sex criminals got mental illness right

It is easy to find mentally ill characters in pop culture. There’s the casual alcoholism of the titular character in Archer; and the revolving door of the sanitarium constantly admitting and releasing characters in Pretty Little Liars. Orange is the New Black has Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, whose very name shows the stigma mental illness still has, and Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, who punctures her eardrum in an anxious compulsion to get her ear completely clean. The characters in Silver Linings Playbook find that love conquers all, even mental illness, and The Dark Knight’s Batman battles the schizophrenic Joker….

Important Words, Spoken with an Overbite

I remember looking up at a silver-panelled television with dials on the side from very far below. As a five year old, I had a preference for sitting cross-legged on the floor and as a result everyone on TV seemed very tall to me. There was discussion going on about the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the great Australian athletes that had proven themselves in their respective sports. ‘Why aren’t they talking about the girls?’ I asked the room turning to the adults on chairs and couches behind me. ‘Careful, you sound like one of those feminists,’ someone responded. I paused….