booksthat reminds me is an online magazine that combines life writing with pop cultural reviews of books, films, television shows, video games, and anything else.

All reviewers and critics, no matter how seasoned, approach culture from a subjective standpoint. There’s no such thing as an arbiter of objective taste. that reminds me embraces this subjectivity as its basic premise.

All consumers of pop culture, no matter how learned, are also affected by it on a personal level. What we read, see, and watch can come to influence our daily lives – our values, philosophies, outlook, and habits. that reminds me acknowledges this reality and aims to clarify the ways art influences life, and the implications that unfold.

Although a very small operation, that reminds me¬†remunerates its writers (though the amount may be some combination of slight and variable while we get on our feet) and provides informal opportunities for workshopping and development. Anyone can write for us, but we encourage submissions from emerging writers as we focus as much on expanding and strengthening writers’ voices as much as we do on publishing.

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