Four Great Things to Read

Here is a small collection of links which explore similar themes to that reminds me.

“The Importance of Reading While Pregnant” focuses on experiencing the uncertainty of pregnancy with a backdrop of advice books and manuals.

The parenting books… actually have the invaluable ability to bring together both parts of my being: the familiar one—me the person, and this new one, still being explored—me the mother; my mind as a reader, and my body as an incubator.


“My Life in Dogs Ears” tells the story of a life mediated by literature.


“The Public Voice of Women” discusses the way women are silenced in public life, a tradition rooted in Ancient Greek and Latin texts that still impacts the daily experiences of women with opinions today.


Finally, “Henry David Thoreau’s Magical Thinking” shows how literary mindedness can make the world a richer, more meaningful place.

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