Eight Great Things to Read

booksAs a new feature of TRM, each month there will be a round-up of great stories, articles, and other links that focus on the personal aspects of pop culture.

In November Rebecca Solnit wrote about the problems of not being able to see yourself represented in works of literature deemed ‘classic’ and ‘must-read’ as well as the general problem of misogyny in literature.
More recently she followed up the piece commenting on the condescending ways men instruct her to receive and interpret literature. In these two pieces, Solnit crushes those men who hold the unspoken belief that they alone understand Truth.

Tim Parks writes about the difficulties of navigating different tastes in books in relationships. It’s so weird when everyone you know likes a book (or anything that matter) that you despise.

The power of the TV miracle was explored in the last 2015 episode of Orange is the new Black.  Spencer Kornhaber talks about the amazing capacity of the show to explore the intimate subject of spirituality.

Has pop culture ever ruined your life? Freaks and Geeks ruined Erin Mallory Long’s life in five ways.

99% Invisible, a podcast hosted by Roman Mars focuses on the likewise life-destroying (but interesting!) Monopoly.

Samantha Abdy has a very personal response to I Love Dick which powerfully advocates, through example, the right to space for women writers.

Finally, Syreeta McFadden talks about the success of multiple black American memoirs in 2015 and points out that the struggle to get to such a place has been 250 years in the making.


Image courtesy of simonbooth via Flickr Creative Commons

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